Forgot the tea bag...

  • me: i know you are anti sugar, i also put milk
  • so i was drinking sugar milk water
  • Gary: that sounds unpleasant
  • me: it reminds me more of a meal
  • thats why
  • since ive given up on eating
  • Gary: you don't seem like a girl that has to watch what she eats
  • me: poorness and laziness
  • Gary: ohh, yea you seem like that type of girl
  • me: hahaha



Life in LA

  • me: bahhh!! why do you not live in LA
  • it would be EPIC
  • Elizabeth: hahaha
  • i knowwwwwwww
  • it totally would
  • LA would'nt know what to do
  • me: LA would be totally ran down
  • Elizabeth: hahaha
  • it totally would
  • i sense i'd be friends with multiple parts of LA
  • hollywood (where my gays would b)
  • "gangstaville" (where all my hipster/wannabe hipsters would hang)
  • downtown (where you/my true friends would be)
  • melrose/bev hills (where my boyfriend would live)
  • me: haha got it down pack



Rating guys with Liz - thinking of Frank Ocean's "Songs for Women"

  • Me: If a guy can sing, thats (+2)
  • Liz: If he is singing to himself walking down the street (-1)
  • Me: And if he is rapping to himself (-2)


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